• Wolf Detective Agency
    We are Having Our Branches In Nashik, Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur.
  • Wolf Detective Agency
    We are Having Our Branches In Nashik, Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur.

Wolf Detective Agency

We are having our branches in Nashik, Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur.

Wolf Detective Agency (WDA) is dedicated to providing our clients with professional Investigation Services of affordable rates. We are having our detective agent's network in all over India. Wolf Detective Agency (WDA) is full serive licensed & register with National Anti Crime & Human Rights Council Of India and national Anti Crime & anti Corruption Intelligence certified insured agency ready to respond to any & all of your investigation service needs.
As Wolf Detective Agency (WDA) prides itself on our professionalism & integrity and we assured all cases are handled directly with urgency & strictest confidentially.
The founder of WDA has worked as a Crime Investigator In-charge since 2010 and as a Field Investigator since last 10 years, providing expert services in Surveillance, Activity check, Background, Matrimonial cases, Divorce cases, Litigation investigation & even Homicide cases. All of our investigators are experienced, insured & personally trained by WDA.

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Surveillance is the close observation of a person, place, or object. It is the process of watching a subject in order to document the interactions of the subject. It refers to using electronic, photographic, audio recording, and more.

Activity Check

Our investigations attempt to lend insight into the subject’s daily activities, physical capabilities and limitations and possibly their employment status.We will make detailed observations about the subject’s residence and any items.

Threat Assessment

Threat assessment investigations on individuals who have a threatening or concerning interest in persons & property the agency protects, our experts helps you to identify persons who has the intention for violence.

Spouse Infidelity

If your spouse is discovered to truly be cheating, our investigators can send information directly to your attorney to use as evidence if you want to pursue divorce or stop the relationship.

Traffic Accident Investigations

Our investigator will determine what caused a traffic accident & prevent it in the future. If you don't know what really happened in a traffic accident, we can prove that you were not at fault.

Missing Case

Our private investigators are experts at locating fleeing criminals and debtors. They are not limited by the same laws as police and so can enter virtually any place they believe a criminal is hiding.

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Customer Testimonials

“ Dear Wolf Detective Agency it was really good experience to work. Just because of you now my daughter spending a happy life.”

Reshma Irani

“ I am the owner of BPO, Wolf Detective Agency(WDA) helps me to uncover the faces of mine employees who cheated me.”

K.L Gupta

“I was in debt and it was more than I could control. I called WDA and was greatly relieved when I found I could receive help. I was stressed and frustrated during this time and thanks to WDA I was able to pay off my debts.”

Shreyas Borse